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Education Services

Education Solutions through web transormation

With today’s technology, schools and students can do greatest things via information technology. It includes the e-learning, online exams, digital repositories etc. We help educators identify future trends and think big, even when starting small.

Players in all industry segments are now making critical decisions as to which technologies will best meet their objectives. Education providers know, however, that they cannot afford to invest in every new product that comes along.

Our Education solution is leveraging the most promising technologies for more personalized learning, e-learning, online examinations and School management solutions, College Administration etc. Together we are paving the way for next-generation campuses and improved student outcomes. With our solutions, we are providing academics a cost-effective platform to improve personal web presence, publish research and manage content.

We are able to provide solutions to the Education field by the following features:

General Features

Modern, easy to use interface

Designed to be responsive and accessible, the education service is easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile devices.

Personalised Dashboard

Display current, past and future courses, along with tasks due.

Collaborative tools and activities

Work and learn together in forums, wikis, glossaries, database activities, and much more.

All-in-one calendar

The calendar module helps you keep track of your academic or company calendar, course deadlines, group meetings, and other personal events.

Convenient file management

Drag and drop files from cloud storage services including MS OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive.

Simple and intuitive text editor

Format text and conveniently add media and images with an editor that works across all web browsers and devices.


When enabled, users can receive automatic alerts on new assignments and deadlines, forum posts and also send private messages to one another.

Track progress

Educators and learners can track progress and completion with an array of options for tracking individual activities or resources and at course level.

Administrative Features

Customisable site design and layout

Easily customise the theme with your logo, colour schemes and much more - or simply design your own theme.

Secure authentication and mass enrolment

Over 50 authentication and enrolment options to add and enrol users to your Educational website and courses.

Multilingual capability

Allow users to view course content and learn in their own language, or set it up for multilingual users and organisations.

Bulk course creation and easy backup

Add courses in bulk, back up and restore large courses with ease.

Manage user roles and permissions

Address security concerns by defining roles to specify and manage user access.

Supports open standards

Readily import and export IMS-LTI, SCORM courses and more into Moodle.

High interoperability

Freely integrate external applications and content or create your own plugin for custom integrations.

Detailed reporting and logs

View and generate reports on activity and participation at course and site level.

Course Development and Management Features

Direct learning paths

Design and manage courses to meet various requirements. Classes can be instructor-led, self-paced, blended or entirely online.

Encourage collaboration

Built-in collaborative publishing features foster engagement and encourage content-driven collaboration.

Embed external resources

Teach materials and include assignments from other sites and connect to the gradebook.

Multimedia Integration

There will be a built-in media support enables you to easily search for and insert video and audio files in your courses.

Group management

Group learners to share courses, differentiate activities and facilitate team work.

Marking workflow

Conveniently assign different markers to assignments, manage grade moderation and control when marks are released to individual learners.

In-line marking

Easily review and provide in-line feedback by annotating files directly within browser.

Peer and self assessment

Built-in activities such as workshops and surveys encourages learners to view, grade and assess their own and other course members' work as a group.

Integrated Badges

Fully compatible with Mozilla Open Badges, motivate learners and reward participation and achievement with customised Badges.

Outcomes and rubrics

Select from advanced grading methods to tailor the gradebook to your course and examination criteria.

Competency based marking

Set up competencies with personal learning plans across courses and activities.

Security and privacy

Teach and share in a private space only you and your class can access.