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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare Services & Solutions

We provides leading-edge technology solutions to healthcare providers and payers to help them deliver better services and care. We offer quality services in end-to-end Health Insurance Portal, Heathcare management, Hopital Management Systems etc. Apart from that, our capabilities also include custom application development, web-to-enterprise integration etc.

Healthcare clients who are quickly realizing that the future belongs to the services from HTree Infotech to deliver cost-effective, high-quality care though robust systems, products, marketing websites etc. We are uniquely positioned to do this because we work across the value chain - from Health and Human Services (HHS) to care delivery, and distribution and Pharmacy Management System (PMS). 

Custom Web Application Development includes right from patient portals, scheduling, medical billing, e-prescribing to video consultation, allows the patients to access to information, including patient’s history, treatments and medications, view their previous treatments, receive an alert that it is time for a check-up and schedule it.

Healthcare solutions from HTree Infotech build healthcare applications that is interoperable and gets integrate seamlessly with all significant EHR systems, helping to improve clinical workflows. Right from the assessment of legacy medical records systems, user training, data migration, pilot testing and more, we create comprehensive management of implementation operations.