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Insurance Web Solutions

Insurance Web Solutions & Services

We have facilitated our clients in managing their enterprise networks, extending the life span of their legacy IT assets, managing Policy Administration, and managing their IT infrastructure. Our solutions span Underwriting, Policy Administration, Claims Management, Channel Management, Billing Solutions, and Product Management.

We have also helped customers leverage their data assets by implementing comprehensive data warehousing and business intelligence solutions. The other major areas of focus in this sector are Claims Management and Fraud Prevention.

The primary challenges facing the Insurance industry include:

  • Handling credit risks and avoiding risk concentrations
  • Managing Capital Deployment
  • Leveraging Distribution Channels
  • Conforming to Regulatory Requirements

With our insurance solutions serving global insurance and re-insurance companies in sales and distribution, new business and underwriting, policy administration, claims, billing, accounting, risk and compliance, brokerage and third party administration, We offers you a robust and comprehensive service portfolio, custom application, marketing websites etc. according to your imagination and business needs.